Product Information
As shown here, the Perry Torch has many advantages over this tiki torch. The Perry Torch is permanent, it will look nice for years to come. Tiki torches have to be replaced at least once each season. Safety The Perry Torch gives you a variety of height options. Use a taller post (6' or 8') if child safety is a concern. Tiki torches are 3' - 4' after being placed in the ground. This height is dangerous for children, who may accidentally ignite hair or clothing in the flame. The construction of the Perry Torch is also much sturdier than a Tiki torch, which could easily be knocked over.


Unlike Tiki Torches, the Perry Torch is designed to withstand even the most extreme outdoor elements, including snow, rain, wind, and sun. The Perry Torch is designed to be used throughout the year for many years to come.


The Perry Torch can be customized to match any decor. You can choose from a variety of heights (standard terminal fence posts are available in 4', 6', and 8' heights). You may also paint your post and cap to match your exterior color scheme.

Repels Insects

Fill the canister with citronella torch fuel, a natural insect repellant. The canister should burn for approximately 12 hours, giving you long-lasting coverage. Also, this wick burns a much larger flame than regular citronella candles, making the repellant much more effective. Since these torches can be positioned above eye level (unlike Tiki torches), you will not have the annoyance of smoke drifting into your face.

Easily Accessible

The Perry Torch is always available for your enjoyment. Should unexpected guests arrive, you simply remove the cap and light the wick for instant ambiance.

Easy to Refill

The canister is constructed with a large mouth opening, making it easy to refill without spilling. A full canister should burn for approximately 12 hours.


The Perry Torch offers an inexpensive way to decorate your outdoor living areas. Torch lighting emits a soft glow, which is preferable to harsh, bright lighting. Incandescent lights obscure your view of the night sky and attract unwanted insects.

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