Perry Shoulder Holster....Learn More about the 1811

A federal agent with over 20 years experience deserves substantial credit for advising Perry Products, Inc in the design and application of the new Perry Shoulder Holster. A need was there and filled. For instance, the old configuration that utilized the alligator clips was replaced with a system that combined two popular products (Blackhawk Holster and Perry Suspenders) and one newly designed Leather Harness

The Perry Shoulder Holster comes as 2 interchangeable designs that feature either a possible 3 point or 2 point attachment to the belt. Knowing the need to hold up either light or heavy loads, the Perry Suspenders was selected to accommodate. The 3 point attachment works very similar to the standard Perry Suspenders for comfort, reliability, and supporting heavy loads. The 2 point attachment also has meaningful benefits and is selected by the wearer as a personal preference.

The Perry Shoulder Holster is a concealment system that is ideal to fill the needs of today’s detectives. Federal Agents, and plain clothes officers who are carrying more gear on their belts than ever before, who want a secure weapon, who want the comfort of the Perry Suspenders, etc.

A private citizen may also wish to use the Perry Shoulder Holster for his own unique needs. The same features that make this system popular with law enforcement officers is also available to the citizens who also desires comfort, reliability, and support for loads on the belt.

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