Installation Instructions

The Perry Torch Kit includes four items: a canister, wick holder, wick and cap. Two items not included in the Kit are 1) Chainlink fence terminal post (2 3/8" O.D.) and 2) Citronella torch fuel. Both of these named items may be acquired from a local retail store. If desired, the post and cap may be painted the color of your choice.


The Perry Torch Kit is deigned to function with a 2 3/8" O.D. chainlink fence terminal post. Refer to the drawing at the right for proper assembly. Shown is the canister being inserted into the terminal post.


The Perry Torch may be located on or near decks, patios, gardens, docks and/or pools. Additional torches can be placed as desired.

To Install:

The Perry Torch is installed by digging a hole 18" - 24" deep at a desired location. The post is inserted in the hole and secured with either concrete or dirt. You may choose to install on a deck by securely attaching the Terminal Post to an existing deck or railing post.


To ignite the flame, remove the cap and light the wick. To extinguish, simply replace the cap over the flame. The flame size is dependent on the length of the wick extending above the wick holder (recommended 1/2"). Do not try to burn the wick when the canister is empty of fuel as this will damage and reduce the life of the wick. Click here to view illustrated usage instructions.

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